Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crying over Croods

 So, am I the only one who can cry over cartoons???  I kid you not.  I was watching The Croods, and at one touching moment near the end, I find myself crying.  LOL.   I know I'm a big baby.  Who doesn't know that??  LOL. Well I guess they do make pretty good animated movies, so maybe I can save face a little bit.  :-)
It can be very annoying to get so emotional over things, though.  When those touching moments happen, I get a lump in my throat, and then start crying.  That wouldn't be so bad, except that when I cry, my nose gets all stuffed up, and it can take up to an hour or more for me to be able to breathe properly again.  LOL. Ugh... that's another story in itself.  I have a daily battle with my allergies, and sometimes I spend most of the day being a mouth breather.  LOL. I laugh now, but it really is a nuisance.
Anyway... do you have the trouble of being a big softy, and crying over TV or movies?  What would you say is the silliest movie moment that had you blubbering?  Leave you answer in the comments section.  Inquiring minds want to know!  Really!  They do!

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