Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wow! What a Rock!!!

I know what you're thinking... somebody just got a new ring!  WRONG!!!  But my husband did give me a present!  He's always bringing me this kind of present!  It's a rock!
A rock.  Literally.

Now don't make that face.  It's ok!  I LOVE rocks!  LOL

Pretty rocks.  Unusual looking rocks.  Rocks with fossils on them.  Yep!  Call me crazy, but I love them!  Now don't get me wrong.  I like rings, too!  But I've only got so many fingers.  LOL

My husband brought this rock home to me.  The ...
My husband brought this rock home to me. The star formation goes all the way through! (Photo credit: wvclaylady)

This rock is really different!  It has a naturally formed, nearly perfect, star shape going all the way through it!  Isn't that amazing??!!!  I think you could almost say one of a kind!  Priceless even!  He found it in road gravel.  We believe it may be some sort of quartz, but we're not sure if the star is the same material or what.  He's pretty sure it's either river gravel or from a limestone quarry that has been hauled in to do the cover the road to this place he delivers lime to in Langsville, Ohio.  It's hard to tell where the stone was hauled in from.  But it's very cool, huh?  :-)

I think it's a very good reason for me to learn how to wire wrap a pendant!  If anyone has tips on that, I'd love to hear them!

Greg, or Bubba as he's known at work, is outdoors quite a bit for his job, so he's all the time finding rocks to bring home to me!  He's also been known to bring home other things, such as interesting chunks of wood, unusually sized insects, and, once, a baby goose!  LOL  Not to worry, it was left alone in the middle of the road, and he took it back and found the parents to return it to the next day.  :-)

Check out the giant mushroom (or toadstool) he found and brought home!

Giant Mushroom 02-3
Giant Mushroom 02-3 (Photo credit: wvclaylady)

But as weird as it may seem, I love getting presents like that!  I really don't have a list of things I want, so little surprises like that are right up my alley!  I guess it's my inner hippie shining through.  LOL

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